SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Antennas

When it comes to antenna design and manufacturing we don't mess around. Our PRO500 and PRO600 line of antennas are high quality SiriusXM® commercial grade antennas with high-gain and front-end filters for maximum signal reception. To top if off... all of our antennas are handmade in the USA and fully tested for performance and quality inspected prior to packaging.

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SiriusXM® Radio Commercial Bundles

If you are an installer looking for a complete SiriusXM® commercial installation kit, we have you covered. Our kits include a SiriusXM® radio, one of our commercial grade PRO500 or PRO600 antenna, power supply, docking cradle, and audio cable.

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SiriusXM® Commercial Bundles

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SiriusXM® Motorcycle & UTV Installation Kits

Pixel Technologies is the only company manufacturing UTV and motorcycle installation kits for SiriusXM® Dock and Play radios. Our kits include the adapters needed to connect directly to a sound system and even Polaris® Ride Command for a completely integrated sound solution.

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SiriusXM® Motorcycle & UTV Installation Kits

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Signal Distribution Systems

Connect multiple SiriusXM Radio receivers to a single Pixel PRO500 or PRO600 antenna with our SiriusXM® signal splitter kits. Use our 2-way and 4-way splitters along with passive couplers to create large signal distribution systems. These systems are perfect for installations such as hospital operating rooms, multi-zone hospitality and other home and commercial installations.

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Signal Distribution Products

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Signal Distribution Design Services

Have a large installation but don't know where to begin? Let our staff build an installation diagram for you and your team using Lucid Chart Design Tools. Each design is specifically catered to your project needs and includes instructions and recommendations on the installation location of each component. We also include a BOM (build of material) with each design to help make your project run smoother. All design services are discounted when you purchase a signal distribution system.

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Connect with Us via EDI

Whether you are a large retailer, distributor or small installation shop working with Pixel Technologies is easy. From ordering, product information exchange, and invoicing all processes are streamlined with direct EDI integration from SPS Commerce. Contact us today to learn more about connecting with us via EDI.

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