Pixel Technologies XMR-6 Home Theater Bundle with PRO600 Antenna and XHD2H1 Tuner


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The XMR-6 combines the XHD2H1 XM tuner with the PRO600 amplified indoor/outdoor SiriusXM® antenna for a robust home theater installation kit. The antenna features 8.5 dB gain and allows for a RG-6 coax cable run of up to 150 feet before needing to add an inline amplifier. The XHD2H1 tuner is designed to connect directly to a home theater tuner via the XM micro USB port and works with Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony, Yamaha, and others.

XHD2H1 Product Overview

  • What is XM Ready? - If a home entertainment product is labeled as XM Ready, it means that product has everything you need to play XM once you connect the XM Mini-Tuner Package.
  • What other accessories do I need to make my XM Ready system work? - You will need the XM Home Tuner and antenna (all included in this kit). If you need a longer antenna cable we offer upgrades for 50 feet, 100 feet and kits for custom lengths, which allow users to place their Mini-Tuner antenna wherever is optimal for reception and convenience in the home. Note: This kit includes a 90 degree angle home antenna that will require removal of the weather boot should you use it along with a 50ft antenna extension.
  • How is the XM Direct Home Tuner different from XM Connect and Play Antenna or CNP2000 Mini-Tuner? - The XM Direct Home Tuner is the upgraded model of the CNP2000 and XM Connect and Play Antenna. It has the same functionality as the previous two models.
  • Is there a separate subscription required for the Home Tuner? - Because the Home Tuner is an XM receiver, it does require activation and a subscription fee.

Please Note: This tuner does not require a power adapter as it gets power from the home stereo tuner.

The tuner is compatible with XM and SiriusXM Ready tuner systems. On the back of your tuner locate the XM or SiriusXM antenna port.


If the port on your home stereo is labeled "Sirius" the XHD2H1 tuner is not compatible with your stereo system.

Here is an example of a compatible port.


Technical Specs

  • Tuner Model #: XHD2H1
  • Manufacturer: SiriusXM®

PRO600 Antenna Overview

SiriusXM Approved Antenna

The Pixel Technologies PRO600 antenna is a SiriusXM® Approved Antenna. This means the antenna meets SiriusXM® stringent antenna specifications for performance and signal reception. The antenna is compatible with all radios and docks that work on the Sirius and XM networks with push on style, single SMB antenna connector.

The PRO600 is a commercial grade weatherproof Sirius & XM Satellite Radio antenna with built-in low noise filter and high selectivity interference filter. This antenna has been designed to receive XM and Sirius signals simultaneously. Its wide beamwidth permits fast alignment and installation. It is backwards compatible with all existing satellite radio receivers and is ideal for use with next generation interoperable receivers. With this antenna the Sirius Radio signal is captured from the satellites without interference from other signal sources.

The PRO600 is the perfect antenna for commercial and residential installations that require no signal loss, and it includes the parts for mounting the antenna on a pole or on the wall and other mounts are optional. The antenna can also be used in conjunction with the Pixel Technologies signal distribution kits which allow this antenna to feed multiple receivers.

Product Features:

  • Filters out 4G LTE and Wi-Fi signals to ensure the best signal possible
  • Built to the new SiriusXM Radio antenna specifications
  • Wide beamwidth for easy alignment and simultaneous reception of both XM and Sirius
  • For high-end home and commercial installations
  • Can drive up to 200 feet of RG-6 cable with no external amplifiers required
  • Azimuth and elevation adjustments for optimum aiming
  • Two-stage high-quality filtering for ultimate rejection of out-of-band interference
  • Pro-quality mount (no plastic parts)
  • Mounts to any horizontal / vertical surface or pole up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Works with standard RG-6 cable (not included)
  • 8.5 dBi isotropic antenna gain
  • Wide Beamwidth Permits Simultaneous Reception of All XM and Sirius Satellites

Package Includes:

  • (1) PRO600 Antenna
  • (1) Pole mount hardware
  • (1) 3-foot F-female to SMB plug adapter cable
  • (1) Weather Boot
  • (1) Wall mount screws and anchors

Technical Specs

  • Antenna Model: PRO600
  • Manufacturer: Pixel Technologies, Inc.

Package Includes

  • XM Home Tuner
  • PRO600 Antenna
  • 3 FT RG-6 to SMB Conversion Cable
  • Installation Hardware
  • Weather-Proof Home Antenna with 20 feet of Cable

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