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Check out our full line of SiriusXM® and AM FM products including antennas, installation kits, signal splitters, cables, connectors and more. Click the link below to download our complete catalog. Interested in becoming a Pixel Technologies dealer? Click here to complete a quick online form to get setup.

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Pixel Technologies Catalog

Design Tools with Lucid Chart

We offer full design services using Lucid Chart with complete diagrams and easy to follow instructions. Whether you are a seasoned install professional or someone looking to do your own installation let our staff design the right signal distribution system for your install using Lucid Chart design studio.

Click Here to download the free version of Lucid Chart

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Whether you are a large retailer, distributor or small installation shop working with Pixel Technologies is easy. From ordering, product information exchange, and invoicing all processes are streamlined with direct EDI integration from SPS Commerce.Contact us today to learn more about connecting with us via EDI.

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