Installation Kits

For years SiriusXM® has been limited to specific applications. Not any longer. Our installation kits allow you to use a SiriusXM® Dock and Play radio in a number of different applications including in a business, boat, motorcycle, UTV, truck and more. Each kit comes with the hardware required to complete the installation and required power accessories. Kits can be customized and packaged for mass retail, bulk distribution and even white labeled for custom branding. Contact us today for information on our custom kitting services.

SiriusXM® Commercial Bundles

We make commercial installations go smooth with our SiriusXM® Commercial Bundles. Each bundle includes either a PRO500 or PRO600 satellite radio antenna, a SiriusXM® Dock and Play radio and installation accessories such as a dock, power supply and audio cables. No need to search around and get individual parts from different suppliers.

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SiriusXM® Motorcycle Installation Kits

Besides a factory installed systemm traditionally there haven't been many options for installing SiriusXM® onto a motorcycle. Our satellite radio motorcycle installation kits have changed that. Now you can use any SiriusXM® Dock and Play receiver on a motorcyce or bike with one of our motorcycle installation kits. For a super clean and low profile install checkout our CommanderTouch motorcycle kit model SXMKR97.

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SiriusXM® UTV Installation Kits

If you have a UTV you know how hard it is to find a solution to install SiriusXM® into a UTV, especially connecting to Polaris® Ride Command. Look no further. Our satellite radio UTV installation kits include everything you need to connect to a sound system or directly integrate with Polaris® Ride Command. Our kits come with our patent pending UTV antenna and can be customized to meet large dealer and distribution requirements.

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SiriusXM® Truck & RV Installation Kits

Truckers make this country run so we created specific installation kit with the trucker in mind. Our SirusXM® Truck Installation Kits include our satellite radio mast antenna, dock, power adapter, heavy duty suction cup mount, dash mount and aux cable. The kit works with all SiriusXM® Dock and Play radios including the onyX PLUS, EZR and TOUR receivers. We also offer OEM kitting services so if you want to customize a kit for your specific needs contact us and let us know what you need.

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SiriusXM® Marine Installation Kits

If you own a boat you know having tunes on the water is a must. Our satellite radio marine installation kits allow you to take a SiriusXM® Dock and Play radio on the water. Included in the kit is a weatherproof protective case to keep the SiriusXM® receiver dry along with our high-gain satellite radio marine antenna, multi-angle mount, hardwired power adapter and audio cable. Have a Bluetooth® sound system? No problem. Just add the Bluetooth SiriusXM® dock to the kit.

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SiriusXM® Radio Factory Stereo Kits

Install SiriusXM® Radio into new and used vehicles and use factory stereo controls to listen to music, change channels, browse categories and more.

  • Integrated Radio & Steering Wheel Controls
  • Plug-and-Play Design
  • High Quality Sound
  • Channel Presets
  • Channel and Song Information
  • Retains all Factory Installed Equipment

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