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We hear it every day... what makes our antennas different from all the rest? The answer is simple. We don't cut corners. All of our antennas are handmade and tested before they ever see a package. Our USA based assembly plant is staffed with folks who love what they do and do what they love, build and test antennas. It may sound boring to you but to some it's a passion. Plus we only use high quality plastics, circuits and metals in the manufacturing of our antennas. They are designed to take a beating and keep on working. Below is an overview of our full line of antennas for different vertical markets. We are confident you will find an antenna that's perfect for your installation or project. If you don't see an antenna that meets your needs feel free to contact our team to learn more about our specialty design services.

SiriusXM® Home & Commercial Antennas

The PRO500 and PRO600 antennas are the "bread and butter" of our SiriusXM® commercial antenna lines. Perfect for high-end home theater and commercial installations our commercial grade satellite radio antennas are the right solution. We don't mess around with quality when it comes to ensuring you get the highest quality signal reception possible. Our antennas are SiriusXM® approved and built to the their stringent specifications for quality and durability. In the commercial market we know an installation needs to be "set it and forget it" and that is what our commercial antenna line offers. Once you try one of our commercial antennas you will never use another standard antenna again.

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AM / FM Long Range Antenna Kits

Often immetated but never duplicated is our AFHD-4 long range AM / FM antenna. This antenna offers a unique installation design with a 48 inch mast antenna flowing into a custom vertical post mount via a right angle L-bracket. This mounting design allows for easy installation for a variety of uses including home, commercial, RV and more. To top it off we have designed the AFXSM-5 and AFXSM-6 SiriusXM® AM / FM combo antenna kits that combines all signals into a single coax cable for a clean installation. The AFHD-4 antenna is sure to become your favorite AM FM antenna kit.

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SiriusXM® Motorcycle & UTV Antennas

Getting signal on a motorcycle can be challeging. We tackled this issue head-on and came up with a unique design that not only works but makes the installation process simple. Our SiriusXM® motorcycle antennas are built using a quad-helix ribben element that makes each motorcycle antenna ground-plane independent and have 360 degree coverage. We make a standard handlebar mount style antenna base and a vertical adjustable strap base that can fit handlebars all the way up to a Polaris® RZR roll cage. The best part is the antenna is super descreet at only 3.5 inches tall. The SirusXM® motorcycle and UTV antenna is a Pixel Technologies exclusive antenna and is patent pending.

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SiriusXM® Truck & RV Antennas

If you are an over-the-road trucker you know how important it is to ensure you get maximum SiriusXM® while driving across country. We take that to heart when we designed our new durable SiriusXM® truck antenna. Our SiriusXM® RV and truck antennas are designed with a quad-helix ribben element to make the ground-plane independent and have 360 degree covereage. They are also designed to withstand the high wind currents and weather conditions truckers face on a daily basis. Our truck antenna comes with a mirror arm bracket and our RV antenna has a center post design that penetrates the roof and covers the hole with a watertight rubber seal.

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SiriusXM® Marine Antennas

Just like our truck antennas, our SiriusXM® marine antennas are designed with a quad-helix ribben element for 360 degree coverage all while being ground-plane independent. That means you can mount this antenna anywhere on a boat or marine vessel with clear view of the southern sky and get optimal signal even while moving. All of our antennas are made of UV rated mixed plastics and feature a unique watertight cable assemble. Included with every satellite radio marine antenna is an adjustable nylon ratchet mount. If you are feeling frisky checkout out our AM / FM / SiriusXM® 4 FT combo marine antenna. All of our marine antennas are long range for fringe signal reception.

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