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The MTSTRP21 SiriusXM Radio motorcycle and UTV antenna features an adjustable strap mount that makes it easy to install on motorcycles, UTVs, and any other installation that requires an adjustable strap for mounting.

If you have a Gold Wing, Harley-Davidson or other motorcycle with large round bars or square bars you know how hard it is to find a SiriusXM Radio antenna that can mount on your bars. We listed to our customers and matched up our adjustable strap mount with our motorcycle antenna with a GoPro mounting base for a quick and simple solution. The strap opens up all the way to allow for installation on various types of bars. To remove the antenna simply lift up on the release tab and pull the strap back. The GoPro mounting base allows the antenna to pivot almost 180 degrees so you can mount the antenna horizontally or vertically.

This antenna is also perfect for installing on Polaris UTV side-by-side vehicles and other utility vehicles with roll cages or roll bars. The strap fits on handlebars or roll bars 15mm to 50mm in diameter and is made of fiber glass and is built to work under extreme conditions.

Antenna Features

  • This antenna is cone-shaped and designed specifically to combat the common problem bikers experience of losing satellite radio signal due to the decreased height of a motorcycle or UTV as compared to a standard vehicle
  • Filters out wifi and 4G LTE cellular signals which interfere with SiriusXM signals
  • New cone design with reinforced slots to give the cone more strength
  • Stronger amplifier to pull in signals under trees
  • New watertight construction
  • Meets the new specifications for SiriusXM Radio antenna reception
  • The antenna works with all Sirius and XM Radio Receivers
  • Specifically designed to endure the strong wind currents and abuse that comes from extended driving on a motorcycle
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Classic Black both provides a clean look
  • 6 feet robust low loss cable with a right-angle SMB connector with improved cable seal and cable support
  • Adjustable Strap Mount for installation on motorcycles with large or square handlebars
  • Strap mount is made of high quality rubber with a quick release tab so you can quickly remove the antenna if needed
  • GoPro mounting base so you can use the antenna on different GoPro mounts

Compatible Receivers

  • This antenna will work with all Sirius and XM Radio receivers and Docks/Cradles

Technical Specs

  • Model #: MTSTRP21
  • Manufacturer: Pixel Technologies, Inc.
  • Dimensions: 3.5" tall and 1" wide
  • Weight: 3 ounces

Package Includes

  • Motorcycle Antenna
  • Adjustable Handle-bar Strap Mount
  • 6 foot Antenna Cable (attached)

Please Note: If you are using the antenna with a Harley-Davidson factory installed SiriusXM Radio tuner you will need our Harley-Davidson FAKRA adapter. This adapter allows the antenna to connect over the antenna port on the motorcycle tuner.

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