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This kit allows you to combine the output of two different SiriusXM Radio antennas into a single cable.

Please note that in order for this kit to work properly one antenna needs to be covered while the other antenna is receiving signal. An example would be a shipping vessel with one antenna mounted to the back of the boat and one antenna mounted on the front of the boat with each antenna facing a different direction. When the boat is facing south the front antenna gets signal while the back antenna is not receiving signal and vice-versa.


  • Permits installation of two different antennas to a single cable
  • Passes DC power to both antennas
  • Includes line amplifier to overcome coupler loss

Package Includes

  • (1) ANT-1 Combiner
  • (1) SBA-1 Amplifier
  • (2) SMB to RG6 connectors
  • (2) Barrel Connectors
  • (1) 3 Foot RG6 to SMB patch cable

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