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This 10 dB power passing attenuator is used for adjusting signals in 75 ohm networks that carry satellite radio and are also required to pass DC voltage for powering in-line amplifiers and antennas and reduces the amount of signal carried within coaxial cables. This signal attenuation is sometimes needed to ensure proper receiver operation. When amplified antennas and inline amplifiers are used with short cable runs, it's possible to have too much signal arriving at the radio. Excessive signal may over-drive the receiver and create distortion or self-generated interference. When this happens, knocking the signal down a bit is the best remedy.

Our RF Attenuators are available as Power-Passing Attenuators (PPA numbers) or Non-Passing Attenuators (NPA numbers) in 10 or 20 dB attenuation levels. They may be combined for attenuation levels beyond 20 dB; however, this is very rarely needed. Operation is from 500 kHz to 2.4 GHz.

If you have too much signal reaching your radio you may need one of our RF Attenuators.

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