The PRO500 antenna comes packed with mounting hardware and a conversion cable
Pixel Technologies PRO500 Amplified Outdoor Antenna
Pole mount bracket for PRO-500
back panel view of the Pixel Technologies PRO500 commercial grade antenna
The PRO500 mounts perfectly on a pole with the supplied mounting hardware
Close up view of the mounting hardware
Adjust the antenna up and down and left to right to bring in the best signal possible
The mount is fastened to the back of the antenna panel with high quality screws
The PRO500 works with RG-6 COAX Cable which allows for long cable runs
Use the supplied whip cable to convert from RG-6 COAX cable to SMB
Pixel Technologies

SiriusXM™ Radio PRO500 High Gain Amplified Antenna

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The PRO500 is the first commercial grade weather proof XM Satellite Radio antenna with built in low noise filter and high selectivity interference filter. With this antenna the XM Radio signal is captured from the satellites without interference from other signal sources. The PRO500 is the perfect antenna for commercial and residential installations that require no signal loss. Includes the parts for mounting the antenna on a pole or on the wall. 

Product Features

  • Optimized for interference / multi-path rejection and high gain reception of satellite radio signals
  • Mounts to any horizontal or vertical surface via the included wall mount bracket
  • Includes pole fixture for mounting to any pole up to 2” diameter (pole not included)
  • High gain 12 dBi antenna (5 dB more gain than standard antennas)
  • Includes internal two-stage ultra-high selectivity low-noise amplifier/ filter providing over 60 dB out-of-band attenuation to other RF signals that can interfere with reception
  • Antenna amplifier / filter can drive up to 200 feet of RG-6 cable (not included).  (Additional line amps available for longer runs: Model SBA-1)
  • Includes 3 foot F-female to SMB-plug adapter cable to mate with radio.
  • Features front-end "Signal Filtration" to block out unwanted signals
  • The PRO500 is the first commercial grade weather proof XM Satellite Radio antenna with built in low noise filter and high selectivity interference filter
  • Strong line amplification and boosts 12db just from the antenna. Additional line-amps can drive even more
  • Supports the use of multiple receivers so you can have 1 antenna for every receiver inside your location
  • Weather Resistant heavy-duty antenna able to withstand 100mp/h winds, snow, and sun unlike the standard XM antennas
  • Consistent Signal regulated with dedicated circuitry so you have a solid and consistent signal to your XM receivers at all times (when aimed correctly)
  • Compatible with both XM and SIRIUS signals.
  • 1 Year warranty through manufacturer

    Package Includes

    • (1) 12 dBi amplified antenna
    • (1) Weather boot
    • (1) Wall mount bracket            
    • (1) 3’ F-female to SMB-plug adapter cable
    • (1) Pole Mount bracket            
    • (1) Set of mounting screws / hardware

    Product Documentation, Installation Guides, and Manuals

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