Need to get SiriusXM Radio and AM/FM/HD Radio? This is the Kit.

How to Get SiriusXM Radio AM/FM/HD Radio

Combining Satellite Radio with AM/FM and HD Radio can be tricky and sometimes frustrating. We have designed a kit that takes all the complication out of the installation and makes you look like a hero. Introducing the Pixel AFXSM-5. This kit includes our famous PRO500 SiriusXM Radio High Gain Antenna with our industry leading AFHD-4 AM/FM antenna. These two antennas combined with the AFS-1 and AFST-1 to combine and split all the signals over a single RG-6 cable. There is no other solution like this in the industry.

Click here for more information and to purchase the Pixel Technologies AFXSM-5 SiriusXM Radio AM/FM/HD Antenna Kit.

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